The HydroPro™ Plus at ISS – Guckenheimer


“We have been working hard on updating our sous vide HACCP program over the last few months so that our chefs can easily and safely provide quality food experiences to their guests. The HydroPro™ Plus has been an excellent addition to this process and our go-to circulator. We love it for 2 main reasons – consistency and ease of use. The HydroPro Plus all-in-one approach to temperature controls and HACCP monitoring have removed a large learning curve for chefs and given us the confidence to roll out precision cooking at multiple locations where it might not have been possible before. Gone are the days of separate thermocouples and additional logs. The included probe ensures that temperatures are accurately tracked and logged with ease, and the built-in toolbox has all the temperatures for our recipes pre-programed at their fingertips. The HydroPro provides me with the confidence that risk is managed effectively and that our recipes are on point while giving chefs back time to do what they do best – cook.” 

Bill Billenstein

Senior Director of Food Excellence ISS – Guckenheimer


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