Website Header Design Best Practices


The words used in a website header must communicate the product or service’s primary benefits. Every bit of text must tell visitors what the rewards of becoming a customer are. 

Before looking at some examples of this approach, let’s discuss the concept of value propositions. A product value proposition is a statement that articulates the product or service’s features, uses, and differentiators. So the question is, what does a website regard as a meaningful reason for becoming a customer?

Many brands feel that they need to sell product or service features as value propositions. While some visitors may respond to this approach, it’s best to communicate something different: The measurable benefits that a person will enjoy once they become a customer.

While headers can certainly be used to talk about unique, innovative product features, these messages should be supplemented with info on how the product will change the customer’s life for the better.

Workplace does a great job at combining these messages. The text in the home page header talks about what the flagship product does, as well as the impact it will have on the customer’s business operations.