How to Come up With a Business Name in 10 Simple Steps


You know when you first see a business name and somehow it looks, sounds, and feels familiar?

It’s because the name has been carefully chosen to define the objective of the business, bridging the gap between introduction to explanation, conveying the core value proposition (AKA, the thing that makes your business stand out from the competition), and instilling trust. 

Creating a business name is a combination of instinct and proven strategies. I’ll give you an example.

I own a holiday business called Sardinia Undiscovered. Whenever someone asks me about my business’s name, I’m often met with a wry smile, swiftly followed by, “I like that, great name.”

Most of the people asking are already loyal customers to an existing business of mine, which is a boutique B&B called Mountain View situated on a remote mountainside overlooking the sea. So, they’re of a particular mindset: Adventurous souls who like to step off the beaten track (in other words, my target audience).

Sardinia isn’t on the typical tourist trail, and the word ‘Undiscovered’ conjures images of untouched beaches, void of crowds, and the usual summer vacation establishments. The name instantly connects with their emotions, bridging that critical gap between introduction and explanation. Very little more needs to be said.

My holiday business isn’t located in Sardinia; it’s on a smaller island a few miles off the southwest coast of Italy called Isola di San Pietro. But by using Sardinia in my business name and domain, people are far more likely to find me in search engines. But more importantly, I’m not geographically restricted when the time comes for expansion.