Elevating the Customer Experience – PolyScience Culinary



Elevating the customer experience goes far beyond putting pretty food on a plate. It involves a symphony of orchestrated events that interweave to create a series of unforgettable tastes and experiences for the guest. Breville | PolyScience has always aimed to develop professional tools for Chefs and Mixologists that enable them to deliver on these expectations consistently for all guests. Whether a guest arrives at opening, during a mid-service push, or at the end of a shift, it is ultimately the responsibility of the back and front of house teams to deliver the same experience to everyone. 

Why do we each have our own favorite multi-unit foodservice outlets? Consistency. Whether you grab a bite at an operation in Dallas, Chicago, or New York, you know what to expect from the moment you walk through the door through the end of your meal. This level of consistency elevates this brand over another for you. From fine dining, to fast-casual and quick serve, any level of food service operation lives off of delivering a consistent experience in both taste and service.


Sous Vide cooking is the benchmark of consistent, repeatable results. Whether you’re poaching cylinders of turbot for a terrine inlay or gently cooking pork belly overnight for tacos Al Pastor, Sous Vide yields not only a consistent product, but one that is more flavorful, aromatic, and nutritious. Taking Sous Vide to the next level, consider why guests favor one bar over another. Perhaps their favored establishment is preparing fresh juices daily and makes their syrups from scratch. This helps them pull away from the pack but in the end, these operators source the same spirits from the same suppliers as the bar next door and the one across the street. When you add Sous Vide to the mix, you can make intensely flavorful and aromatic infusions such as strawberry infused vodka that you can promote as “in-house made strawberry vodka”. Now you deliver a taste and experience to your customers that is uniquely yours.


An elevated experience is a personal one. In foodservice, a constant that has never seen a downward trend is the value of cooking in as close of proximity to the diner as possible. Whether the execution is a chef’s table tasting , open kitchen view, tableside preparation, or an action station on a buffet line, guests love being connected to the preparation of their food and those preparing it. The Control ºFreak is a dynamic kitchen appliance that can do it all from remote deep frying, to chocolate work, and French Omelettes stations that would make Escoffier smile. The unit is programmable for repeatable recipe execution no matter who is working the station and bestows operators the confidence to cook directly in front of guests, thereby elevating their experience.


The Anti-Griddle is a uni-directional flash-freezing plate that both Chefs and mixologists can use to create frozen elements a la minute. It delivers a surprising textural and temperature experiences. The ability to use this creative device behind the bar, at events, and action stations means that operators can deliver a unique, engaging and interactive experience to their guests. Custom Ice chips for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks like smoothies, garnishes for chilled soups or ceviches, one-bite canapés, and even pudding-pops for children’s parties are some of the many creative uses for this novel tool.


Too often, the effort of preparing a dish including an element of surprise or whimsy, ends up being the chase of a technique that falls short on flavor. While a preparation may be unique and interesting, it’s delicious food that guests remember and return for. The Smoking Gun Pro packs a punch delivering explosive smokey flavor & aroma, with a dramatic visual all at once. This device can be used directly in front guests to present their mezcal-rita in and wispy cloud of smoke or during preparation for service to infuse natural smoke flavor into carrot soup as it blends. The Smoking Gun has created an image for itself, being used to veil artfully plated preparations of wagyu beef hidden under glass domes, but it has just as much a place smoking hotel pans of full ricotta cheese for lasagna at your neighborhood Italian restaurant. It’s unique offerings like this that elevate one’s establishment over others and attracts new and repeat business.


Our goal at Breville | PolyScience is to create products that drive Chefs and Mixologists to deliver their best creative work consistently and elevate their guest’s experience.