Amazin’ Graze Wraps Its Snacks in “Nutcracky” Elements


Guided by the mission to bring joy and encourage people to live a happy life through real and healthy food, Amazin’ Graze is set to change the way people snack. But with the corona crisis affecting the way we celebrate Christmas — and other holidays as well — the brand intends to change the way people snack during the festive season, hoping to inspire everyone to surprise their loved ones with thoughtful (yet tasty) gifts and rediscover the spirit of Xmas.

The presents suggested by the company are not only just healthy but also eye-pleasing in terms of aesthetics: Wrapped in joyful packaging, Amazin’ Graze’s Holiday Collection features a dreamy design, with “Nutcracky” visual elements printed across the gift boxes’ packaging.

With the help of Yi Qing Gan — Amazin’ Graze’s Artist of the Year — the brand has arranged a memorable adventure for its customers, giving them the chance to explore the fantastic place of Nut Land. Here, they meet Harold and Grace, two wonderful characters who are ready to help them indulge in the Christmas spirit and embrace the magical emotions that emerge during this time of the year.

The multidisciplinary illustrator and designer based in Malaysia believes that creativity has the power to connect people via whimsical strokes and relevant messages. She also loves to breathe life into her work. Inspired by the real classic Nutcracker, the artist writes — or rather, paints — a new version of the tale that, hopefully, will help us take our minds off the pandemic during Christmas.

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The reimagined edition presents Mr. Nutcracker aka Harold and his friends — Mice the Musician, Remy the Reindeer, Pollie the Polar Bear, Snowy the Snowman, and Rea the Ballerina — taking Grace for a walk in the heart of the Nut Land. The meaning behind the beautiful journey is to make Grace (Re)Discover the Magic in Christmas.

Throughout their snacking adventure, Harold and his friends play cheerful songs, while various types of nuts keep them fascinated. But right in the middle of the woods, Mr. Nutcracker and Grace stumble upon the magic spell, which makes them exhilarate with joy.

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“Grace believed that there is always light in the darkness,” says Qing, explaining that drawing inspiration from the Nutcracker’s story reminds people that light can be found even in the darkest times, alluding to the health crisis that the world is currently facing.

“The inspiration behind this design is inspired by the real classic story of how nutcracker works along with my own rendition on how the pandemic has changed how holidays work. The objective of the whole design is to let everyone reset this holiday and discover a magical snacking adventure with Grace and Harold! I gotta say that the nut butter box design is the challenging one because there are a few considerations to be thoughtful about when it comes to design. Illustration isn’t about making beautiful visuals but tackling the challenge with storytelling and functional elements. We hope this collection is able to inspire you in some way,” says the artist in an Instagram post.

Gift-giving is one of the highlights of the festive season, with presents having the power to make both the recipient and their family extremely happy — sometimes being the piece that turns a normal Christmas concert into a rock performance. Treating your dearest ones with thoughtful gifts is a nice way of showing how much you appreciate those around you and, thus, put a smile on their faces even in these turbulent times.

Asked by Amazin’ Graze which gift box she would gift her family, the illustrator said that she would like to surprise them with the Festive Snack Box, as a way to remind them that it is thanks to them that she is able to “rediscover the magic in [her] with miracles and curiosity.”

The 2021 collection includes the Festive Snack Gift Box (which is sold out), the Festive Nut Butter Gift Box — with 8 mini jars of Nut Butter spreads, and Festive Granola Gift Box — which contains crispy and crunchy snacks.