31 Famous Logos with Hidden Meanings


Typography is an often overlooked design element that, when used smartly, can take your logo to the next level. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, typography is the large umbrella term all fonts fall under.) 

Experiment with the way you arrange the letters in your logo to add an extra layer of depth to your design. Just look at the London Symphony Orchestra logo. The first thing you’ll notice is the letters LSO (an acronym of its name), but if you look a little closer, you’ll be able to notice a conductor holding a baton in his hand.  

But the typeface you use can even be more subtle than that, to build a deeper meaning in your logo. Razor company Gillette is a great example of this. The precise cut in the letters ‘G’ and ‘i’ appear as though they’ve been shaved off with a sharp razor. Subtle? Yes. Effective? Completely! 

Lastly, typography can play on the actual brand purpose itself. Pinterest got its name from the physical act of pinning things to a corkboard. To hone in on that concept, the ‘P’ in the logo represents an actual pushpin, perfectly tying the whole business concept together in a simple and creative logo.