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All pandemic aside, 2020 has been a very productive year for your girl. While working from home has been a shock to the system for many of you, it’s more of a been there done that type situation in my household. Although I have the pleasure of traveling to work with and for different brands, I have been working from home for many years and so has my husband. So yeah, being homebound has not been that much of a hardship in my household. 

Now what does have me shook is just how busy I have been lately. Between managing a household with a husband and two fur babies, auntie duties, curating content, and running a business, time seems to fly. Honestly, some days I work through lunch before I realize that it is time to start preparing dinner. Then the issue becomes what to cook and what is or isn’t in the refrigerator which leads to a store run more times than not.

Thankfully, Walmart has taken a lot of the hassle out of my day and eliminated some of the worrying associated with shopping due to COVID-19 by offering Express delivery. Express delivery is a no-contact option to allow customers to get the items they need without coming into the store or leaving home for pick-up. Oh and, is you are busy (like me) Express delivery allows you time to finish your work while waiting on your items to be delivered. 


Personally, I have only used Walmart’s Express delivery for groceries but this service offers so much more. Electronics, toys, and many other essential items are also available for Express delivery. There are additional fees associated with the service that differ from Walmart’s typical delivery fees of $7.95 or $9.95. However, that is a small price to pay considering that “Rona” is outside and I am extra busy. Oh, and did I mention my grocery was delivered to my door within two hours? 

Whether it’s “oh no, my child has a fever!”,  “oh no, I forgot the birthday candles”, or “Chastity, whats from dinner!” time matters and Walmart has us covered. Simply open the Walmart app, select delivery, get your shop on, and wait for a knock at the door. 

Walmart Express delivery is subject to availability at select stores. Standard delivery fee and/or Express delivery fee may apply. Minimum order applies.