How to File a DBA in North Carolina


Your assumed business name can be a powerful tool for branding. When you choose a name, think about selecting one that will stick in the minds of your customers and potential customers. 

Ideally, your assumed business name should also convey something about your business. That could be by using words that describe what your business does, or it could be just by conveying a certain tone or mood, such as cute or traditional, that matches the “feel” of your business.

The name should not be the same or substantially similar to the names of other businesses in the state.

North Carolina prohibits businesses from using certain words in their business names without official approval. For example, you can’t use the words “Bank” or “Architect” unless you can prove you have the legal qualifications to use them. 

Also, check with the county where you are requesting your assumed name to see if it has any additional requirements.