North Carolina LLC Annual Report Requirements (and Filing)


If you file your North Carolina LLC annual report online, it will be filed with the Secretary of State’s office the same day you submit it and will be visible online right away. If you file on paper, you may have to wait as long as 12 weeks for the report to be processed and the information posted online.

Start the online filing process at the North Carolina Secretary of State’s main annual reports page. Click the “Get Started” button that’s under “Begin Online Annual Report Process.” In the search box, type in the name of your company, but don’t include the “LLC” designation at the end.

Find your company in the list, and in the “Actions” column, click on the icon that looks like a computer monitor. You’ll get a list of all your past annual report filings. If this is your first annual report, you’ll see a document listed called the “Creation Filing.”

Click on “File Most Recent Annual Report.” You’ll see the name and address of your LLC as they appear in the Secretary of State’s records. Click on the checkboxes to certify that what’s listed is the correct company and that you are authorized to file the annual report.

From there, the online filing program will walk you through the input process. Your registered agent’s name, as you entered it on your Articles of Organization, will already be filled in. You’ll have the opportunity to change your agent at this point if you want.

The program will prompt you to enter or verify all the information listed in the “North Carolina LLC Annual Report Requirements” section above. The program will pull up some of the information from what you already submitted on your Articles of Incorporation. It will also ask for additional information that was not part of the Articles, including a brief description of your business, a principal office telephone number, and a principal office street address.

You can also enter a principal office email and an email where you want to receive a receipt for the annual report, but those are both optional and will not show on the public-facing website. You’ll then enter or, if necessary, edit the names and addresses of all the LLC’s officials.

Finally, you’ll have to indicate who is certifying and signing the report with an electronic signature. 

Pay the $203 filing fee with a credit card or ACH debit (electronic check). The credit card doesn’t necessarily have to be for your business but could be your personal credit card. If you want to do a debit, the ACH process will be faster if you already have your ACH information set up on your Secretary of State account, and you’re logged into that account.

Your report will be officially filed as soon as your payment information is accepted, and you’ll get a receipt on the next screen.