How to Start a Bakery Business


Almost every “how to start a business post” tells you to first validate your business idea to ensure sufficient demand.

And they’re right.

Bakeries, however, are one business idea we know is in demand. Always have been, always will. 

The first recorded industrial bakeries date back to 300 BC when the Romans perfected the Rotary Mill. The Egyptians were packing their pyramids with loaves of bread to sustain their beloved in the afterlife as far back as 3,000 years ago.

Bakeries provide high-demand products universally loved; that’s why 13.9 million tonnes are produced in the U.S. yearly—more than any other country! It’s a 3 billion dollar industry with an average small bakery annual income of around $350,000.

So, starting a bakery business can be a great way to earn a decent crust; do it right, and your business profits will rise like an oven spring. But first, you need the critical ingredients of starting a bakery business.

Okay, enough of the wordplay—let’s get you baking.