Watch this kid experience what it’s like to be 9 months pregnant

His mom asked him to wear a watermelon on his stomach after he made fun of her for struggling to get out of bed. Looks like she’s having the last laugh.

As any person who’s been pregnant knows, doing regular things with a baby bump is hard. Very, very hard. That’s why, when this mom’s son made fun of her for struggling to get out of bed while expecting, she had to make him try it for himself.

Jenna Ciambotti Shaffer, who was 39 weeks pregnant at the time, posted a reel on her Instagram showing her eldest son, Drew, attempting to do simple daily tasks with half a watermelon secured to his torso like a baby bump. “Watermelon Baby Lesson,” she wrote in the caption, complete with watermelon emojis. “He made fun of me for not being able to easily get out of bed today, so we’re going to see how well he does with a watermelon baby.”

In the clip, we see Drew climbing up the stairs, tying his shoes, getting into a truck and, of course, trying to get out of bed. We especially love when he has to nearly do the splits to pick up a toy from the ground. Not that easy, is it Drew?

Luckily, he seems to take it all in stride with a big adorable smile on his face the entire time. Take a look.

What a good sport! Now we hope they sealed that cut watermelon tightly before strapping it onto him, otherwise Drew might’ve experienced what it feels like to have your water break on the living room floor, too. Speaking of water breaking, Shaffer has since given birth to her new daughter, Maya, and even posted a clip of Drew and his brother meeting their new sister. Take a look for an extra dose of cuteness:

Aren’t they such a sweet family? Congrats on your new baby Jenna, and thanks for giving us a wholesome chuckle—goodness knows we can all use it these days.