Introducing the Jordan Melchior Poster Art Contest Winner & Finalists


We’re excited to announce the winner in our first-annual Jordan Melchior poster art contest. We challenged artists to make a work of art that showed the grand scale of this rare, 18-liter bottle of wine with an art nouveau vibe that celebrates France—the inspiration for Jordan.

After reviewing a few dozen entries, we selected the winner: Jessie Swiech of Illinois, who created a very flowy and dramatic illustration of a ballerina touching the top of a giant Jordan wine bottle. This artwork will grace the limited-edition poster for the 2014 Jordan Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon in 18-liter Melchior. (A Melchior is the equivalent of 24 750mL bottles and weighs about 60 pounds when full.) Posters will be distributed at restaurants that sell the Jordan Melchior. Learn more about the art contest judging criteria on our call for entries blog post.

According to the artist, this winning poster design was inspired by the Art Nouveau artist, Alphonse Mucha, as well as the vineyard and wines of Jordan Winery. The female figure, clothed in the reds and purples of wine grapes and their vintages, represents the vineyard itself. The golden embellishments on her dress evoke new, curling grape shoots. With grapes and leaves in her auburn hair, she simultaneously rises from the vines which laid the foundation of Jordan Winery, and unveils the bottle of the new vintage. This is a nod to the replanting and revitalization of the estate vineyards. The hand lettering and embellishments in the Art Nouveau style evoke the European tradition and class so highly valued by the vintners at Jordan. The leaves in delicate yellow-greens, and fiery red-golds bring to mind both the beginning of the growing season and the harvest.

Jessie Swiech worked as an intern at Sunset Lake Vineyards and Winery in Carlock, Illinois. “I understand the love, care, blood, sweat–LOTS of sweat!–and tears that go into winemaking,” she says. “This poster represents the joy and excitement of unveiling the result of years of work, as well as the beauty of the vines, wines, and grapes themselves.”

The top five finalists in order of points are: Jessie Swiech, Sierra Fry, Chakori Prasad, Tiffany Olson and Cotey Gallagher.

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