20 memes that perfectly encapsulate just how weird kids are

But damn if we don’t love those little weirdos—even when they’re watching us poop or chugging their own bath water.

Editor’s Note: We’ve corrected the embeds for some of the memes in this story, which were incorrectly attributed.  

Free from the inhibitions and political correctness that adults pick up over decades on earth, kids let their curiosity and impulses guide them through life—and it can lead to some pretty strange places. Strip off your clothes in the middle of the park? Why not! Stand over your mom while she’s pushing out a poop? Sounds fun. Wear every piece of clothing you own to school this morning? You’d better believe it. Kids are quirky as hell, and it’s endlessly fascinating, entertaining and annoying all at once. But honestly, how boring would it be if your kid didn’t come home with pockets full of trash “treasures” and regale you with stories of their wonder. Here are some memes that really had us laughing over just how weird these little ones can be. Enjoy!

Bath water: like fine wine to a toddler.

A pants-less chicken suit to school in the dead of winter? Nailed it!

The biggest hoarders of all.

Right on time.

Sweating just thinking about this.

We’re all sleeping in!

20 stuffies, a shoe, three trucks and an unwrapped Babybel. Makes sense.

We did say honesty is the best policy…
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The bigger the better.

I’ll let you stay in your dirty diaper if you promise not to sit down…

It’s the most flattering angle for chins.

Hiding is overrated, and now Spot knows.

Still surprised the bulldozer doesn’t have wheels?

Why tho?

Every. Time.

100 of these for every good photo.
(NOTE: @macaroniandmomjeans is down but it’s the original source)

Looks like my superpower is running the dishwasher twice a day.

Finder’s keepers, losers… avoid food poisoning.

Shoulda seen this one coming.

It doesn’t add up, and yet…