17 Best Websites for Branding Inspiration in 2022


We can all use some branding inspiration from time to time, and while there are a million design blogs on the web, only a handful focus on branding and doing it well.

At Brandfolder, we do our best to keep up with sites and resources that share branding trends and good ideas. Here’s a collection of 17 of our favorite branding websites you can follow and peruse whenever you want to get inspired.

1. Brand New

Brand New is a division of UnderConsideration, a graphic design company that publishes books, throws events and provides the public with information about graphic design. Brand New contains reviews and opinion pieces about artists’ branding work, and it’s a great place to explore developments in the branding world through a critical lens. The site contains seven editorial categories: Reviewed, Noted, Spotted, Linked, Announced, Revisited and Collected. Each category takes a different approach to reviewing branding work, so there’s never a shortage of variation in content.

Why we like this website for branding inspiration:

We love this site because of its critical eye. Not only is it a spot to find what’s new and exciting in the branding world, but it also includes a point of view from Armin Vit, the cofounder of UnderConsideration. With Armin’s perspective, Brand New has become the leading site for reviews of corporate and brand identity design work. Brand New has an impressive archive, and endless sources of inspiration and opinions on rebrands both new and old.

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2. The Branding Journal

The Branding Journal is full of resources, from branding communications to literally all things brand strategy. With fifteen categories in brand strategy alone, the site is sure to offer a piece to inspire, answer tough questions and trigger ideas. The Journal publishes worldwide news and insights, so no shortness of knowledge here. A common theme: Branding empowers companies and shapes consumer behavior globally.

Why we like this website for branding inspiration:

The Branding Journal is a fave because of its community. The site offers “The Branding Community,” a free online hub for knowledge sharing, growth and networking. While there’s no shortage of branding coverage on the Branding Journal, we love the idea of connecting readers so they can inspire one another on a more personal level.

3. Designspiration

Designspiration is a hub for all things creativity. The site, which is formatted in a Pinterest-type layout, can be used as a tool for collecting and sharing creative ideas. Designspiration is the perfect place to find visual inspiration for just about anything. It’s not about stealing other people’s ideas — it’s about inspiring them. The site offers a number of ways for creatives to search and discover their next idea: Search by color palette or by term, or choose to navigate the site based on the most popular content.

Why we like this website for branding inspiration:

We love this site simply because it’s a beautiful place to save content that gives you inspiration. A combination of photography, typography, interior design, fashion and architecture, Designspiration offers endless inspiration for just about anyone. The Pinteresty layout is incredibly easy to navigate and has an advanced search function that even allows visitors to search HTML color codes. This site offers what Pinterest can’t in that it’s specifically curated for those interested in design, meaning you won’t have to wade through mediocre content to find what you’re looking for.

4. The Dieline

The Dieline was started as a personal blog project by Andrew Gibbs. Since then, that personal blog morphed into the Dieline, which is devoted to celebrating the package design industry. Any brand fanatic interested in packaging and branding can find a wealth to explore on the Dieline. The site includes articles about package design, pictures of outstanding designs, lists of events, jobs, awards in the field and much, much more.

Why we like this website for branding inspiration:

We’re big fans of the Dieline because of its tailored focus. If there’s something new and exciting in the world of package design, the Dieline is where you’re going to find it. This site is also home to endless vintage inspiration from brands we all know and love. Additionally, the Dieline Awards help visitors quickly find best-in-class package design with several categories, ranging from sustainable packaging to beauty and health packaging, kids and baby packaging, and everything in between.

5. Adweek

Launched in 1979, Adweek can be considered the OG of brand design inspiration. The trade publication covers all things advertising and brand marketing through print and digital content, as well as events, podcasts, newsletters, social media and mobile apps. Its Brand Marketing channel offers industry-specific news as well as insights on trends and awards. Adweek also hosts Brandweek, a three-day summit for brand marketers with a variety of speakers and masterclasses for an immersive experience.

Why we like this website for branding inspiration:

Adweek is arguably the leading online publication for all things marketing and advertising. If you’re looking for what’s new and trending in the space, this is where you’ll find it. The Advertising & Branding section of Adweek is jam-packed with branding-specific news including articles, blog posts, galleries and videos. This site is an easy one to bookmark to ensure you’re up-to-date with what’s happening in the branding world!

6. BrandStuck

BrandStruck is a subscription-based online database of brand strategy case studies that include companies like Adidas, Ferrari, Louis Vuitton, Netflix and many more. The tool can help brand and marketing professionals understand how some of the world’s largest and most admired brands make branding decisions that position their products and companies.

Why we like this website for branding inspiration:

If you’re looking for raw brand strategy, this is the place to find it. Brandstruck’s featured case studies are analyzed by senior brand experts, so you’re sure to leave with new branding insights. The site allows visitors to search by brand name and even download all case studies as pdf files so you can always have them handy to review and share with your team.

7. Pinterest

Pinterest has long been a source for many different kinds of inspiration, including branding and design. Millions of pins are published on Pinterest every day, so there’s an abundance of inspirational work on the platform. Pinterest allows you to organize your inspiration with designated boards, so you can organize by client, industry, color, design medium and more.

Why we like this website for branding inspiration:

The vast popularity of Pinterest is one of the reasons we love this site so much. With millions of pins being added to the site each day, there’s never a shortage of fresh brand design inspiration. Additionally, the more you use Pinterest and curate your feed with your favorite designs, the better the algorithm gets at learning the types of images you prefer.

8. Identity Designed

Identity Designed was launched in 2010 by David Airey, an independent graphic designer located in Bangor, Northern Ireland. He started the site as a side project to showcase branding work from studios all over the world. Since then, he has featured hundreds of projects from designers across the globe and continues to invite others to share their projects with him for consideration.

Why we like this website for branding inspiration:

We’re big fans of Identity Designed because of its global point of view. The site shares different approaches to brand identity throughout the world, making it a source of inspiration for anyone who’s interested in design and aesthetics from different cultures. If you’re looking to expand your customer base abroad, this site is definitely worth checking out!

9. Dribble Branding Category

Founded in 2009, Dribbble is an online community that invites designers to showcase their work. Dribbble’s purpose is to provide brand designers with exposure to one another. The site has connected design talent to companies such as Apple, Facebook, Google and Lyft. In addition to using the site to connect with fellow designers, branding professionals can also use Dribbble for design inspiration on everything from print campaigns to website design.

Why we like this website for branding inspiration:

We love Dribbble simply because it’s exclusive. The site uses an invitation-only membership system, which means only high-quality work makes its way to the public eye. While branding is one category, visitors can also search by animation, typography, illustration, product design, print and more. Dribbble has endless branding inspiration!

10. SaaS Landing Pages By Cruip

SaaS Landing Pages by Cruip is the go-to spot if you’re looking for web design inspiration. They offer hundreds of examples from leading SaaS companies and even allow you to organize page types. The site includes design examples for Pricing, About Us, Features, Blog, Testimonials, FAQ and Contact Us pages.

Why we like this website for branding inspiration:

This site is incredibly helpful for times when you need help thinking outside the prescribed templates on your company website. SaaS Landing Pages helps you find ideas fast with a curated collection of high-quality web pages. Visitors can also drill down and find examples based on the website platform used, as well as the font. You don’t have to be a SaaS company to find inspiration. You’ll easily grasp ideas on how to best present your pricing strategy, team, products, content and customer experience.

11. Logo Design Love

Need some fresh ideas for designing your logo? Then you’ll love browsing Logo Design Love, a site completely devoted to logos and how they play into brand identities. The site has a slew of logos and brands to explore, including a 240-page coffee table book to purchase for your home or studio. The book and site were created by David Airey, who is also the brains behind Identity Designed.

Why we like this website for branding inspiration:

We love just how much this site really owns all things related to a logo. Logo Design Love doesn’t just share innovative logos; the site also includes the backstory of the designs, with information on the artist, their inspiration and their creative process, as well as some fun facts and history about the logo’s usage. In addition to sharing logo designs, Airey also gives information on symbols, icons and marks.

12. Awwwards

If you’re looking for new and exciting web design inspiration, this is the place to find it. Awwwards recognizes the talent of some of the world’s best web designers, developers and agencies. The site is a hub where creatives can submit their designs, which are critiqued by a jury of web design experts. The jury selects a site of the day, month and year based on design, usability, creativity, content and mobile experience. Awwwards Community members can also get involved in the voting process for a more interactive experience.

Why we like this website for branding inspiration:

Awwwards is considered the gold standard for identifying and recognizing top-notch web design. The search tool makes it easy to find the exact type of inspiration you need. We also love that it’s juried by experts who know the ins and outs of brand elements like usability, creativity and content. As a bonus, the jurors’ individual scores are revealed, so visitors have an inside look into the jurors’ reviews.

13. The Design Blog

“Don’t just be a designer — be a good one,” states the Design Blog. Founded by Ruby Bacanovic, a Croatian designer based in Los Angeles, the Design Blog is a curated collection of work from designers and design studios from around the world. The main focus, however, is young designers and design students. The site is organized by categories like animation, branding, fonts and photography. And the site has daily themed content, including “Shop Hunting Tuesdays,” “Web Design Wednesdays,” “Friday Freebies” and more.

Why we like this website for branding inspiration:

While the Design Blog is a site that’s devoted to design of all kinds, it’s mostly geared toward young and up-and-coming designers, which provides a fresh approach. You’ll find design inspiration, news and more — and there’s plenty of visual beauty here for branding fans looking for creative inspiration.

14. I’m Just Creative

I’m Just Creative is the blog of Graham Smith, who runs a logo design studio called the Logo Smith in the U.K. Smith’s blog is a celebration of all things brand identity, including logo design, typography and branding news. As a seasoned design expert, Smith is immersed in the world of logos and brands. His blog calls attention to stories you may have missed elsewhere.

Why we like this website for branding inspiration:

Smith has a great take on excellent branding work and inspiring images. His portfolio of work, which can be found on the site, is a testimony of his skill. After 28 years in the industry, he has tons of interesting and insightful information about the field. While you’ll find value in all of his posts, you can also click the blog’s “Inspiration” tag to filter when you’re looking for a quick flash of genius.

15. Behance Branding Projects

Behance is an online community where designers can showcase their artwork. Unlike Dribbble, which is invitation-only, anyone can join and post. Behance is part of the Adobe family and has a very large, diverse creative community. Visitors can sort creative examples by recommended, curated, most appreciated, most viewed, most discussed and most recent — and they even have the ability to favorite designs for reference in the future.

Why we like this website for branding inspiration:

Since anyone can join Behance, the site has a huge assortment of designs for endless inspiration. In addition to seeing posts based on other visitors’ input, you can filter the designs by type, tools used, color, location and design school. The search tool also lets you combine filters, so you can search for the most appreciated branding in the color red. Now that’s specific!

16. Siteinspire

Siteinspire is an online showcase of the best web and interactive designs. Featuring work from thousands of websites, Siteinspire also profiles the digital agencies, designers and developers behind them. The site is run by Daniel Howells, founder of Howells Studio, a digital website design studio based in London.

Why we like this website for branding inspiration:

With thousands of featured sites in its library, this site could easily be overwhelming to visitors. Fortunately, Siteinspire has an extensive tagging system that helps you find the type of inspiration you need. You can search by style, type, subject and platform. And when you click on a design, the site suggests similar websites with common elements, expanding your horizons.

17. Medium

Medium is a one-stop shop for all things related to marketing, creativity and brand. The content on Medium is written by experts in the field as well as community contributors and is guaranteed to send you down a rabbit hole. Visitors can use this site for fresh inspiration or even contribute their own thoughts.

Why we like this website for branding inspiration:

While it’s easy to get lost on Medium, the site offers helpful tags, such as “branding,” “brand strategy,” “logo design,” and “marketing,” so you can get to relevant content quickly. Medium can be a great resource when you need a refresher on best practices or if you want to expose yourself to new trends and ideas.

These 17 branding websites are sure to provide you with fresh inspiration to help you create designs of your own. At Brandfolder, we do our best to keep up with branding news and trends since it’s our job to power some of the most recognizable brands in the world with our DAM platform.

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