Starting an LLC as a Non-US Citizen


You’ll need a visa or green card to work in the United States, and both are difficult to get.

However, a popular choice for foreign citizens is the E-2 visa, which you can apply for when starting an LLC as a non-resident. 

The E-2 visa

The E-2 visa enables you, your spouse, and your children to live in the U.S. while your LLC is operational. 

You get an E-2 visa by investing substantial capital into a U.S. business/enterprise, such as an LLC, and creating employment. And while there’s no set investment amount, most experts recommend $100,000 or more.

Once you get the visa, it remains valid for the duration of your LLC and you can renew it indefinitely. 

The green card

You can become a permanent resident and gain authorization to live and work in the U.S. by applying for a green card.

You get a green card in the following ways: