Insider Deal! Lusciously Lip-Smacking Painted Fields Cuvée Blanc


A fantastically delicious blend of Vermentino, Chenin Blanc, Semillon and Arinto from Andis Wines, the Painted Fields Cuvée Blanc.

INSIDER DEAL! Painted Fields Cuvée Blanc - Lusciously Lip-Smacking

The Sierra Foothills rarely disappoints and today we turn to a tried-and-true producer for a unique, fantastically delicious white blend.

And while this combination of Vermentino, Chenin Blanc, Semillon and Arinto is definitely not a blend you see very often, it definitely works. Aged just 3 months in stainless steel, this is exceedingly refreshing.

It’s also a great example of how a very dry wine can actually taste sweet and be full of incredible flavors.

As we mentioned above, the wine is made by Andis Wines, the producer behind several popular Insider Deals including the Barbera d’Amador currently in our “Perfect 10” pack.

Andis is one of our favorite producers and they have plenty of big scores across their wines. Zinfandel Chronicles gave the white blend we are offering today 90 points, but we go even a little higher than that at 91-93.

The price from the winery is reasonable as well, at an SRP of $25, although the only seller on wine-searcher sells the 2021 we are offering here for $31! Of course, that’s not the way we roll here at Reverse Wine Snob

For the next day you can get 4 bottles of the 2021 Painted Fields Cuvée Blanc by Andis Wines for just $64.99, or $16.25 per bottle.

Buy multiples and you save even more since you’ll never pay more than $6.99 shipping, no matter how many 4-packs you buy. Read on for our full review.

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This limited time, winery direct offer ends Sunday 11/13/2022 at midnight (PT) unless it sells out sooner.

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2021 Painted Fields Cuvée Blanc by Andis Wines

The grapes for the Painted Fields Cuvée Blanc come from the Rubidoux, Ionian, Bill Dillian, Wilson Farms vineyards in the Sierra Foothills. The wine has no residual sugar (less than 0.1 g/L) and 1,200 cases were produced.

2021 Painted Fields Cuvée Blanc by Andis Wines Back Label

From the winery:

“Cuvée Blanc” is a medium-bodied white blend inspired by the traditional white wines of the Mediterranean Coast.

From a beautiful blend of carefully selected Sierra Foothills grapes, 2021 Painted Fields Cuvee Blanc is a refreshing wine that inspires the imagination, transporting you immediately to the Mediterranean Coast. This wine reveals classic aromatic notes of lemon zest, green apples, fresh white peach, and acacia flower petals. It shows harmony, lively acidity, and dryness with wonderful fruit flavors accompanied by minerality. On the palate, its elegant light body makes this wine perfect for that warm summer day. Enjoy this wine by itself or with a poke bowl, some sushi, a fruit salad, or a simple ham and cheese sandwich. Cheers!

Produced and Bottled by Andis Wines
12.5% Alcohol

The 2021 Painted Fields Cuvée Blanc by Andis Wines begins with a lovely aroma of peach, green apple, lemon, lime, and various tropical fruits with some floral touches and a bit of a nutty note.

Taking a sip reveals this to be extremely refreshing with tons of deep fruit flavors and great acidity. Light to medium-bodied, this lovely wine tastes sweeter than it is (which it is not at all with basically no residual sugar). Luscious tropical fruit notes along with green apple and all the other flavors from the nose round out this fantastic blend of grapes.

It ends with a crisp, dry and lip-smackingly delicious finish.


Taste: 9 (91-93 points) Cost: 4




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