Insider DEAL! 93-Point Santa Maria Valley Pinot Noir Over Half Off


Perfectly pleasing Pinot with a wonderful earthy streak, the J Wilkes Santa Maria Valley Pinot Noir.

INSIDER DEAL! 93-Point Santa Maria Valley Pinot Noir Over Half Off

Screaming Pinot Noir deal incoming!

Santa Maria Valley in Santa Barbara County, with one of the longest growing seasons in California, is a fantastic spot for Pinot Noir. And the producers of today’s wine (Miller Family Wines)​, who are also the founders and owners of the renowned Bien Nacido and Solomon Hills vineyards in Santa Maria Valley, definitely know all about good Pinot from this area.

And good Pinot this is indeed, with a 90-point score from Wine Enthusiast and 93-points from Tasting Panel. We score it right in that same range at 91-93 points. In other words, this is real deal Santa Maria Valley Pinot at an incredible price.

Aged 10.5 months in 25% new French oak, this wine has an SRP of $35 and typical retail prices (if you can find it) in the high $20s. We’d be happy to score this wine for $25 but of course, that’s not the way we roll here at Reverse Wine Snob

For the next day you can get 4 bottles of the 2019 J Wilkes Santa Maria Valley Pinot Noir for just $68, or $17 a bottle, which is over half off!

Buy multiples and you save even more since you’ll never pay more than $6.99 shipping, no matter how many 4-packs you buy. Read on for our full review.

This 4-pack deal is available to ship to the following states: AZ, CA, CO, DC, FL, GA, ID, IA, IL, KS, MA, MD, ME, MI, MN, MO, MT, NC, NE, NH, NM, NV, NY, OR, PA, SC, SD, TX, VT, WA, WI and WY. (These states are dependent on the individual licenses of the offering winery and are not representative of all our deals. Every deal can have different, sometimes more, sometimes less, states available.)

This limited time, winery direct offer ends Wednesday 11/16/2022 at noon (PT) unless it sells out sooner.

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2019 J Wilkes Santa Maria Valley Pinot Noir

From the winery:

AROMATICS: Classic Santa Maria Valley Pinot Noir aromas of ripe cherries, bright raspberry, a hint of pepper, and bramble. Underlying subtle fragrance layers of orange peel, pomegranate, and vanilla.

PALATE: A rare combination of flavors and textures: juicy red cherry, raspberry and strawberry, spice, fine-textured tannins, and an exquisite mid-palate.

FOOD PAIRING: Roasted Chicken, Halibut with Butter / Cream sauce, Charcuterie, or Oysters with a Morel Mushroom Mignonette.

14.5% Alcohol

2019 J Wilkes Santa Maria Valley Pinot Noir Back Label

The 2019 J Wilkes Santa Maria Valley Pinot Noir opens with a very pleasing aroma of plum, cranberry and some nice earthy and mineral notes. You can tell right away this is definitely not a simple, one dimensional example of Pinot Noir.

Taking a sip reveals that the earthiness from the nose continues when tasting this delicious wine. The fruit is there as well, especially as it has some time to breathe and things balance out. Add in nice touches of baking spice, cola and a little smoke and this is quite harmonious!

Fine tannins lead into the dry, long finish of lingering licorice, cola and lasting fruit. The whole thing gets even better the more air it has and might have even been its best on day two.


Taste: 9 (91-93 points) Cost: 4




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