Filing LLC Articles of Organization in Delaware


All LLCs in Delaware are required to appoint a registered agent, who is designated on the Certificate of Formation. A registered agent acts as the official contact for a business, receiving tax notifications, service of process (if sued), and other important communications.

Your chosen registered agent must be located in Delaware, with a street address that can be their registered office address. A P.O. box can’t serve as the registered office. The agent must also be at least 18.

Aside from these requirements, you can name almost anyone as your LLC’s registered agent. You can designate yourself as the registered agent, another business partner, another family member, or anyone else who consents. Most business owners who don’t use a registered agent service designate themselves or a partner.

You can alternatively choose a registered agent service, which is a business that specializes in acting as other businesses’ registered agent. A registered agent service will receive all important communications and file them or pass them on as appropriate.

Hiring a registered agent service has two main benefits. First, having someone else handle communications simplifies your responsibilities (and all LLC owners have too much to do). A registered agent service will also use its own street address as the registered office address, which affords privacy as your own address doesn’t become public record. (The registered office address is in the public record, as it’s indicated on the Certificate of Formation, which becomes a public document.)