How to File a DBA in Delaware


1. Complete the Form: Download the Registration of Trade, Business & Fictitious Name Certificate from the Delaware Courts. Complete the one-page form, which requests your business’ county, trade name, address, phone number, parent company (if applicable), owner/member names and addresses, date of formation, and nature. You’ll need a separate form for each county that you’re registering in. (This form is akin to what other states call a Certificate of Assumed or Fictitious Name.)

2. Get the Form Notarized: Bring the completed form to a public notary. The form actually doesn’t have to be signed, but it must be notarized by a Delaware public notary. Most county clerks have public notaries working if you’re going to drop the form off in person.

3. Submit the Form: Send the form to the appropriate county clerk. You can either mail the form or bring it in person to the following county clerk addresses: