How to File a DBA in Illinois


As long as your LLC is in good standing with the secretary of state, you may file an application for an assumed name electronically. Otherwise, you can file by mail.

The fee to register an assumed name is $30 per year, but the secretary of state’s method for charging this fee can be confusing. An initial DBA registration may be valid for up to five years, and each renewal is for a five-year period. Each period begins in a year that is divisible by five. The length of your first DBA registration, as well as the fee you must pay, depends on when you apply.

DBA registration expires on the first day of the DBA’s anniversary month in the next year that is divisible by five. If you received your DBA in July 2022, for example, it will expire on July 1, 2025. If you got a DBA in December 2021, it will expire on December 1, 2025.

The filing fee for a DBA takes the length of time remaining in the current period into account. It is based on the year in which you apply: