The Best Memory Games for Kids

Memory is like a muscle, meaning it needs to be exercised in order grow. It’s a critical skill for achieving early success in school, with comprehension and memory being one of the largest components of tests/exams. One of the best ways that you can test and develop your child’s memory at home is by playing memory games with them. Here are our recommendations for the best memory games for kids.


What are the benefits?

The best memory games for kids don’t just help to develop their short and long term memory, but actually help in building a host of other skills as well, including:

  • Concentration and focus
  • Spatial and visual perception
  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • And it’s a mental workout for the brain

While video and phone games might be an easily accessible way of practicing memory, they still don’t quite beat the tactile feeling of a physical game. Being able to touch, flip and visually space out tiles/cards allows children to learn at their own pace and in their own way, while encouraging friendly competition over winning or losing.

The best memory games for kids

So now you know why memory games are important, but how should you go about selecting one for your child? The most important thing is that the game is ‘exciting’ to them – this will make sure that they engage in the game. This means selecting a game that is themed toward their specific interests. As an example, our ‘Good Dog’ memory match game would be the perfect choice for a child who loves dogs or pets, while our ‘Outer Space’ memory match will get any young rocket, planet or space enthusiast excited.