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Pair it with salty snacks and a good football game! A tasty sparkling wine at a great Costco price, the Faire La Fete Brut.

Faire La Fete Brut - Crisp and Tasty

Sparkling wine made from 60% Chardonnay, 25% Chenin Blanc, 15% Pinot Noir from Limoux, France.

The Limoux region claims to have invented the traditional method (which is most famous in Champagne) of making sparkling wine where the bubbles are created by a secondary fermentation that happens in the bottle.

The wine is aged for 12-15 months and is vegan friendly. It is also relatively low in residual sugar for a sparkling wine at 6-7 g/L.

The Faire La Fete Brut has an SRP of around $20 but is available at some Costco locations for just $14.99. It is imported by First Growth Brands.

From the bottle:

Golden in color, with vibrant aromas and flavors of baked apple, white cherry and lemon meringue. The traditional sparkling winemaking method – which originates in the ancient southern French village of Limoux – imparts richness and delicate bubbles to the wine. Faire La Fete, meaning to create a party, pays homage to Limoux, where an annual celebration takes place treating revelers to music, dancing and an endless flow of sparkling wine.

12.5% Alcohol

The non-vintage Faire La Fete Brut opens with pleasing aromas of pear, apple pie, lemon, and a bit of fresh baked bread.

The wine tastes crisp and features lots of fine bubbles that give way to a smooth and satisfying mix of flavors similar to the nose. It has just a touch of sweetness with good acidity to balance it out, so overall it tastes dry.

It ends dry, long and satisfying. Pair it with salty snacks and a good football game! This is really quite tasty and offers a lot of value at the Costco price.

Faire La Fete Brut

Taste: 8 (89-90 points)     Cost: 6