How To Make Money Online In Cameroon As A Student. Best Ways to Earn

How to make money Online As A student.

Students in Cameroon are sick and tired of being unemployed. Usually thinking of how to survive independently. Some dream of wanting to make money but not subjected to government policies and income ways. Well, there are many ways to make that happen here in Cameroon. No matter whether you are an A/L Certificate holder or Degree or HND holder or Masters, you can make money online as a student in Cameroon.

How to “make money online” is very easy but you must be aware and careful not to land on the wrong platforms. I will give you a complete guide to make money online in Cameroon.


Disclaimer: Most of these links are affiliate links and clicking to them will give me small commission from my affiliate partners but in no way shall it be deducted from your account/purchase.


So lets go detail into our topic matter. First you need to know that there are thousands of ways to make money online in Cameroon as a student but we are not going to cover them all. I will outline a few powerful income stream companies that you can deal with. Its open to everyone and do not need any much skill or qualification. Just do what is necessary.

So this will be our table of content;

  • Online Platforms That Pay through MOMO (MTN Mobile Money)
  1.  Work Online with IronTrade.
  2. Affiliate with Jumia
  • Money making Apps in Cameroon.
  1. Hive Work
  2. Globus
  3. Buzzbreak
  4. Expert Option
  • Online Paid Surveys in Cameroon.
  1. Work with Ysense
  2. Online Surveys with
  3. Work with
  • Digital Marketing platforms
  1. Earn High On Facebook You use everyday.
  2. eBook
  3. Shopify
  4. Freelance
  5. Fiver
  • Make Money Blogging in Cameroon.
  • Make Money Starting a Youtube Channel In Cameroon
  • Make Money Writing Poems
  • Make Money Teaching Online (You can teach anything)
  1. Udemy
  2. Live Lingua
  3. Qkids
  4. Teach Away
  • Make Money Freelancing
  1. Writing Articles
  2. Web Designing
  3. Logo Making
  4. Postal making
  5. Video editing
  6. Short story editing
  7. Writing books for people on paid demands.

Now You know our Content to cover up.

Without any waste of time let’s jump into our topics to cover.

How to make money in Cameroon and getting paid through MoMo (Mobile  Money)

Its not very easy to work online without having a Bank account. That has limited many youths from earning some cash online. But be rest assured because we are going to discuss on how to make money and get paid through MoMo.

Iron Trade.

It is a trading platform that can help you generate and exciting amount of money but you should also be aware of its risk. A like a game of luck. A game of dice but the only difference is that, you are trading with stocks and assets.

What are these stocks? They are simply currencies and online currencies. In clear terms, you are predicting withing a given range usually 30 seconds to determine whether the value of a currency like the CAD, USD, Bitcoin is going to rise or drop within that range of time.

So you register with your details and provide your mode of payment and withdrawal. The lowest amount to invest is 5,500 FCFA and you can speculate as low as 100 FCFA. So have your Chance rolled up and be wise while investing every penny.

Affiliate with Jumia.

Jumia is an Online Platform that has agencies in several African countries including Cameroon. The sell goods  online like cars, luxury chair set and fridges, computers phones, bags and lots more that you can imagine from food diet to dressing suits to furniture and machinery.

How To Work with Jumia. The Only thing you need to do is referring people to buy their good and any good they purchase you earn a commission, that is a sum. Imagine referring someone about the best chair designs for his living room worth 800k, you will earn 13% of every sale which is going to be = 104, 000. Hey you are not dreaming imagine you not having to own a shop but yet you rock much just by referring.take that chance now and sign up for their affiliate program right now.

Now Lets see our next step.

Money Making Apps. Make Money Through Apps.

I f you wanna make money in Cameroon only through apps then I have the best apps for you, but i must say the truth, making money through apps is slower and you need to be consistent. But it does pays and thanks for us, they pay us in dollars and we convert to our low currency francs which will seem quite a little valuable to us. Lets Begin with the first app.

  1. Hive Work,

Make Money Online In Cameroon. The Knowledge Ground

Hive work is a nice app which makes you do task such as interpreting, guessing a picture, and other little task but while i was using the apps i enjoyed the app usability which was friendly. I had a couple of buck and switched.

         2. Globus. Work online with Globus.

Make Money Online In Cameroon. The Knowledge Ground

Globus is an advertising sites. they do email marketing and want to have more people to view their ads and even click through it so that they earn from their partner companies. So all what you need to do is to sign up for Globus and Start viewing ads. You need to view a huge number of time before you start seeing what was worth signing up for. Download now

      3. Buzzbreak

Buzzbreak also known as buzznews is a new or info platform that publishes on several basis a day updated news contents. Whats more interesting about them is that, they pay you what reading their articles. Yea, they reward you and also give you a lucky wheel to spin up to ten times and earn $10 per win if you are lucky.

Buzzbreak make money online in Cameroon. The Knowledge ground

Those of us who can’t do without our phones lets just swipe our fingers every 2 minutes and read through while also browsing and chatting with our mates and friends.

         4. Expert Option.

I believe You must have an advertisement like this, if not there is still no problem. Similar to Iron Trade, they provide the same Trading facilities. You invest at least $10 approximately 6,104.52 francs when deducted from your bank account. What i like here is their app flexibility which is very mobile friendly. You will be able to view high graphic stats on what you are trading and an easy guide on how to trade. Remember while trading, you are not alone because you will also see many people in the game while you are trading On my first try while still in school i tried testing it by trading out my $10 but I must admit it was not easy but i later on succeeded and gained $15 in less than 20 minutes. You can do better but you got to be wise.

Now Let keep Moving

Online Paid Surveys, Earn from Home Doing Online Surveys.

Surveys are tasks which are been given to someone to perform.  They can give you tasks to perform such as signing up for a website, purchasing a good online, liking a page, answering question and so on. Below are lists of platforms where you can sign up for them and start earning with them.

  1.  Earn With Ysense.
  2. Work with
  3. Earn Money with
  4. Earn Extra Cash with

Earn Through Digital Marketing Platform

Digital Marketing deals with online sales and for you to sell online you must have a little bit of knowledge on how this works. The highest way to earn online is through online sales. Big companies like and even Longrich get their revenue from online sales. Its amazing when the income from your first sales enter in your palms. As a matter of fact, digital marketing is a very awesome to make money online in Cameroon as a student.

  1. Earn high on the facebook that you use everyday.

You can earn with facebook by building a community which are willing and able to buy your products. You can work with a couple of shops even if you don’t own one. You give them a proposal. you make a deal and say you are willing to sell their products but in return they give your own commissions maybe 20% or 15% anything depending on your understanding. Don’t sit doing nothing. Work with partners. Make some money online in Cameroon as a student and disprove others.

     2.  Earn Money by selling eBooks.

Its very simple yet it needs patients. Write your books and sell online, Comic books, Language, Maths, Economics anything you master. Just write and upload to google books. Publish your content to them or even to Amazon or Ebay Or even to Fiver and keep advertising untill you are satisfied with the income at your disposal.

     3.  Earn Money by working with Shopify.

Shopify is an online shop. They provide you with services and if you are good at marketing and dropshiping you can sell your goods to different parts of the world.

     4.  Earn Money Freelancing

Freelancing simply is posting your services on Fiver Or Freelance. Here you take care of your revenue and you need to look professional before them and providing a good professional experience.

Note; Freelancing shall be discussed further below. Subscribe for more updates

Start A Blog In Cameroon now and earn Money.

Blogging can be a very huge source of income. You can earn up to 700,000 FCFA . All you need to do is purchase a hosting plan an a domain and get started with wordpress. After that get some post published like mine (avoid piracy) and get some ads from google adsense or other affiliate ad networks and earn money each time someone clicks on your ads. Read more

Make Money Starting a Youtube Channel in Cameroon

We all know what Youtube is. Youtube is a branch of google too. Sign in with your gmail. Open a channel and focus on one single niche/topic/list like money or  business or economics anything to tell or teach or encourage people. Get at least 1000 Subscribers and activate your payment method. Boom you are Ok. No Much stress. Read More

Make Money Writing Poem

Poetry can be easy to write especially literature students I believe so.

Following are the links to websites which pay you for your poetry upon acceptance.
Payment : $100 – $250 per poem
Payment: $10 per line with a minimum payment of $300

Make Money Teaching Online. [Anything can be thought online]

All of these sites below are online teaching platforms. You can teach generally all topic. Maths, Chemistry, Poetry, Drama, Drawing, Fishing Generally everything. Including languages. Sign up to them and start uplaoding your video courses. Give a fee for each of your student maybe $20 per student that will be good.

  1. Udemy
  2. Live Lingua
  3. Qkids
  4. Teach Away

Make Money Freelancing.

As earlier mentioned before, Freelancing deals with two side of a game, either you apply as a buyer of service or as a seller of service. Sosign up to sell services that you are good at and start making some income. People will be posting what they need, contact them and start working. Build a professional carrier.

  1. Writing Articles. Write articles for people, Usually 25 USD per 1000 words which is approximately 14,000 francs
  2. Web designing
  3. Logo making
  4. Postal making
  5. Video editing
  6. Story Editing
  7. Writing Books.


So we’ve come to our conclusion, Don’t sit back doing nothing. I’ve given you an in-depth of how to Make money Online in Cameroon as a Student. Start with anything and see how it goes. Earn some cash online while still a student and you can even turn it into your ultimate income stream. ,So what do you think about it, Give me a word below, Spread the word by sharing and liking.

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Work Well.

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